Speedy Blaze Fielding (Streets Of Rage Gal')

So ive been listening to the soundtrack obsessively for a month now, and got the idea to make a vid of me drawing someone from SOR so that I can use the music XDD
So blaze was the lady of choice, cos shes just too kool', and here it is. I squeezed as many DOR track in as poss. This took well over an hour i dont think more than 2 though, because as you can see the anatomy is pretty bad, and im new to this technique of colouring and i enjoyed it.

Unfortunately i had a go at another speedy dragon, but like a twonk, shut down my PC and failed to save it. BUT ive come up with a cool bird/chicken/goose thing that ill draw next, and will also attempt this flippin dragon again.

But for now BRING ON Z WINEZ!!


Cyriaks Animation Mix

Must watch! This reel is amazing hehe


Games These Days - 2000 Onwards....

I remember someone I know saying they never could've omagined games would 'get this good' when I had a playstation1. But hey, they did, and developers continue to push consoles to their limits.

Despite how much better games seem to be these days, they come with quite a price. The average high end game today costs around £10 - 20 million to develop. Thats quite a scary thought considering in the begining they would easily cost less than £2000.

the developers used to create the game themselves and then put it forward to publishers. These days, teams of dedicated people are involved with creating products for one of the biggest industries on the planet.

With the current technology however, almost anything is possible to create in a 3d world. Developers and publishers have different motivations too. Publishers, they just want to make money! Developers, are the people who have their hearts put into gamiing and creating something different and more exciting every time.

The industry being as dynamic as it is, means in order to 'survive' you need to be on your toes and adjustable to whatever new things it may throw at you. At that, the industry changes pretty quickly all the time. And with all new technologies coming out here and there, its a game developers job to make sure they can make the most of it at the time.

As a potential employee im pretty sure I understand this, and even though at this moment I dont understand new technologies and how to work with them, when I do I will make sure I can change with the wind.

As for my history up till now, I do miss my sega and playing ps1 spyro. I could play that now but it wouldnt be the same. Since spyro and tekken, I havent played many other games. However, my faveourite ps2 games were zone of the enders (with a passion), metal gear solid 2, and ssx tricky /3. I played socom on ps2 also, but only online. My first real online experience, and alot of fun. However it was ruined by socom 3, which took the fun out of it. Socom 3 just wasnt the same!! Since then I havent played much, then I bought my ps3, and now own GTA4, MGS4, and am patiently waiting for tekken6, and zone of the enders 3! And, for developers to push the ps3 to its limits! (hmm does it have any??)

A game id love to make (should technology allow) is one where players can sit back and dream. I dont know, some headset or another, allows them to fly around in a crazy place. I cant explain y concept too well, but ive got a general idea ;)

Speedy face

This took an hour, probably hsouldnt have in this day and age. But anyway, I thought id do some face studies because im sure its useful. And im sure Ill eventualy find mi own style.


ref = http://www.photographersdirect.com/buyers/stockphoto.asp?imageid=263132

Doesnt look similar but its a start.
she went squished xD

im going to do more 'find a pic n draw it's' cos that was fun.

Must do sum drapery! We own no satin or silk or anythin draperish. unless i take kitchen net curtains down 0_o

Ive also bene inspired to do som oil paintin, aftr lookin through a dali book i discovered in the house.

So i think im gunna try do aload of pics and bulk upload them in the future. Its more to look at :D


Game Art Love

Im reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally happy with this course. Im loving it. Its like PERFECT.

One of my 'crux' reasons for wnating to be a games artist was to be able to 'materialize' my imagination for others. After the convo with mike on wednesday I wasnt sure if my ideas could actualy become games, (dont worry even if so id have no intentions of leaving the course and not being able to become a games artist! its something ive always wanted!) Even if I couldnt, Id '3d ize' my ideas non the less!! But then we got to speak to two guys from Blitz, and I thought id better make the most of it and ask.

So, got to question time, I knew what I wanted to ask, and got increadibly nervous. I kept thinking if I ask it this way the subject of the lecture will cancel out the question and make me sound stupid. So my heart was pounding as I recited this question in my head over and over and I thought it would come out like babble like things normaly do, but no it came out okay. And so my heart kept pounding, its probably because I was scared evryone would shoot daggers at me. they didnt or they did and I didnt notice, ANYWAY they confirmed that as a company everyone gets to put forward ideas, so thats a start! and im very very happy about it. It just makes the whole thing just LOVEABLE!!!!!!!

I love this course because for me it just encourages creativity, its what I need, a kick! Also, everyone mentions having motivation, My only motivation so far has been my ma and my boyfriend, but ive always wanted to be a games artist so thats a bit of motivation, but now THIS COURSE IS MY MOTIVATION AND I WILL OVER HEAT IF I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that if i stay on top of things I will not need to get stressed out. I will also do even more doodlin n sketchin.

I refuse to let myself slip and would like to be pushed and pushed, I feel INCREADIBLY honoured and happy to be on this course and every last ounce of my energy will go into it.

This is it, getting annoyed with my secondary school being crap, boring art subjects (though our teacher was really nice), people messing about, not being able to draw all the time, then college, no games courses available, I then discover that 'multimedia' wouldve been the subject to take, carrying on with borin graphic design, once again no fun units but lovely tutors, and then suddenly 'games art degree' great links, not far away, lovely lecture team, instant acceptance, pure creativity, LETSSSSSSSSS ROOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




No sleep whatsoever last night, then when im fiiinnaly dozing off.... kabloomie. About 12 mini explosions go off. For goodness sake, 'blimin kids and fireworks' she thinks, and is kept awake by the hum of some larg thing unknown :S

Gets up at 6 asks ma what happened, a car was set alight pretty close to the house, wasnt ours lol, but someone is going to be pretty pissed off when they set out to go work today.

As for me I feel terrible, I had about 2 hours sleep last night. I keep seeing weird shit in a half asleep/awake mode. And then find my body falling asleep but my brain holding onto concsiousness then end up waking up fully over and over.

Coffee coffee coffee it dont work for me so ill try an espresso even though they taste like well, disgusting.


<3 <3 WipEout <3 <3

Wipeout HD has re sparked my love for wipeout, not that It ever went out, I actualy missed wipeout and didnt want to play it on a small screen. (Fusion ill never get over, I actualy think thats my all time favourite game without a doubt so far, as a game on its own, its the only full wipeout i owned but holy crap i love it to bits to this day, shame its not in HD!!*

BUT NOW WIPEOUT HD HERE I LOVE YOU STUDIOLIVERPOOL YOU DA BEZT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also give mist a big hug for me.


History of Games 1980-1990

In the 1980s the little games industry started to grow, with many businesses and production houses popping up, and some coming and going rather quickly. Among those that are still around today is EA. Gaming computers specifically for entertainment such as the Commodore64 and ZX Spectrum emerged around this time also. More specifically, 1982.
The 1980’s was the ‘Golden age of arcade’, and a time in which game genres started to settle. The game ‘Pole Position’ brought on the rear view mirror, a feature that has been used in most racing games ever since, and the legendary Pac-man made his debut. Pac-man was the first popular game character known for just being Pac-man!
Online communication was quite popular in the 1980s, users communicating via dialup bulletin boards. The dialup was also used for playing games ANSI art later on. A variety of these simple text interface games were available, such as gambling games (for points) and where multiple users were possible, the concept of the MMORPG was born through ‘Multi User Dungeons’.
Unfortunately after all the excitement came what is considered the games industry’s worst crash (For it is certainly not close to crashing in the present day!) The main reason for the crash is seen to be the mass amount of poor games that were produced around that time. To me it’s understandable that perhaps when something does so well people perhaps think they can get away with making any-old thing. Thus there was too much choice for consumers and clearly each business wouldn’t have been able to make enough money.
I remember wanting a ps1 before it was released, but like many others I couldn’t have one immediately!! However I remember playing someone else’s. My first ps1 game was final fantasy 7. I did not complete it, I played it whenever at the friend’s house who owned it. I loved the art style and the detail, and being able to move about in 3d space, and I always wanted to play it when I visited, but was always scared to ask. Then for my 8-10th birthday (I think 10th), I was given a second hand ps1 with lots of games. The one I played all the time was crash bandicoot. I loved the brightness and the craziness of it all. Later on I started playing Tekken 3 and test drive 5. I discovered a cheat that unlocked all cars, and loved the fact that the tracks went on forever through cities, past landmarks, and that it was possible to reach ridiculous heights with the car should you go over a hill. Tekken three I enjoyed so much I went and bought Tekken 2, and my obsession with it hasn’t died. I also fell in love with the T-rex on the DEMO 1 Disc, (as dinosaurs were my childhood obsession) loved the music and loved messing about with it! I still own all of my ps2 discs today.



Bradgate stag (Hope U like Deer Rear)

Went to bradgate park during week 2 of the course, took a few photos. I was worried my camera was going to get ruined by 'that fine rain' and i really really dont want to mes this camera up, its new and its effin great. Anyway, took a piccy of a grazing stag, it was a zoom in and i was shaky so the photo wasnt crisp or anything, but I decided to paint the deer in photoshop. Im trying to get used to corel painter as its a lovely program! Only I havent painted that much, so Id have a lot to learn anyway. here is my deer('s EDIT I was so pleased i did another.)

Photobucket Photobucket (REF FOR 2nd DEEERRR http://blog.islayinfo.com/images/articles/islay-nature-report-13-red-deer_1.jpg )

Took about an hour, im pretty darn pleased with it. I printed a crop of the deer and stuck it to my wall in front of me so i could try copy it. The printouts colour is very dark and so ive used my own 'lighter' colours here and there. (2nd deer took about hour 1/2 and was also pint n slapped on my wall)

I think the head should be a little longer, the antlers shorter, the bottom of back and front legs thinner, and more muscle tone at the front. Also a fluffyer neck. Il edit this post with the crop i used when i get round to it. (2nd deer has a way to go but im pleased with it too, it must be the tablet!!)

I am pleased with this, as ive always loved deer, and always found them difficult to draw. I suppose drawing horses all the time has kinda helped me when drawing this. Saying that, my horses are still not perfect, at all!!



Binbags and cardboard boxes????

One of the reasons I want to become an artist for games is because it is a job I would enjoy, if i was able to create my own imaginary creations in 3d space. Of course I would do this as hobby once i learn how to. But I think it was induction week I aswel as the rest of the class was told that we will only start out modeling boxes and binbags (or similar). I was a lil dissapointed, but hey we all start somehwere. My 1st job was in a callcentre for CO-OP, and I HATED IT!! But really, If i get stuck modeling stuff like that I wont be happy. The thought of it makes me want to work as hard as I can so that I wont be modeling boxes forever. I think it was chris or mike who said that, I cant remember right now im a little drunk. But they also said we wouldnt be modeling the likes of halo for a while. No offence bungie or whoever made halo, but as great as the levels are im not actualy impressed with the style of design of the buildings and such. even the aliens or whaever their called. Not that I dont like it, I suppose I just think it could be more natural. I do like the halo games by all means, but the art of the games dont strike me as amazoing. Im so keen to put my full into this course no matter what.

My uncle earns quite a lot, and was talking to me once about jobs and stuff. He said I get payed so and so much a day, and i dont work every day of the week, but its amazing pay. Then I said to him, do you ever get bored? And he said yes I do sometimes. Then I told him, I wouldnt care what my salary is, as long as im enjoying it.

My co-op job was so fucking boring I couldve blown the place up to stop them from boring others. I cant remember time i didnt think to myself, when im a games artist Ill be having a wail of a time. I really need to make the most of this, so that I can be in a job where I enjoy myself, and not have to type/calculate/talk about boring stuff xDDDDDDDDD ILL DRAW TILL MY FINGERS BLEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!

Ive been on the bus sometimes thinking about jobs that dont involve art and imagination and colour. And I had to write some stupid paragraph about 'business creativity', for a typing speed test. I was like What the hell is creative in business?? Deciding where your posters go?

BUT as ive never had any business education I decided not to debate it with myself. LOL.

Anyhoo, I hope Ill be able to do more than bins n boxes n rocksies XDD

Ta ra

Games History Pt1

reviewing History of Video Games

There is quite a debate about which ‘video game’ came first. In my eyes, a ‘computer game’, is a game which is processed using computer power. To me this would apply to the ‘video game’ as all games emit visual light in order to be played. Even then, a video is associated with television. I can see where this debate comes from! I would rather call them Electronic games. Therefore, the first electric game, in my eyes, is the Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device. It was created in the 1940’s by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann and patented in 1947. It used 9 cathode ray tubes, an oscilloscope and knobs to simulate missiles firing at targets. It used a simple screen overlay for which the targets were drawn.

Tennis for two, by William Higinbotham was the first game actually designed for entertainment purposes. It was created for visitors who were bored at Brookhaven National Laboratory but was only exhibited for two ‘visitors days’.

Many people consider ‘Spacewar’ the first largely available game. Spacewar was created in 1961 by Steve Russell and a team of students MIT, USA. It was developed for the PDP-1, the worlds first interactive computer. A 2 player game, each player controlling a ship, they had to shoot at each other whilst dodging a black hole/star. This game was the first widely available and influential, to the players and to a few games created as copies/mimics of the original!

Chase game, by Ralph Baer, was the first game designed for play on a television. It was created in 1967. Ralph had considered the idea since 1951 and had written out plans for a game playable on a TV screen. Chase had triggered the creation of the first home video games console, Magnavox Odyssey.

Nolan Bushnel created the first arcade game in 1971 called computer space, based upon Spacewar!
Pong was created a year later, also by Nolan Bushnel. Nolan and Ted Dabney started Atari that same year 1972, and released pong as an arcade game in 1975.

‘General instruments’ released the first low cost chip, allowing many companies to release their own versions of pong, and so a large gaming industry was born.

The first game I remember was a game in which you had to jump onto the backs of crocodiles/logs/frogs to cross rivers(i don’t clearly remember) with a boy. It was an incredibly pixelated game, but I don’t remember what it was called or its console. I was about 6 when I played, but I remember being bad at it, and loving to watch others play.
After that, my greatest games memory was Sonic The Hedgehog. The most addictive game I had ever played at that age. remember always asking my mum to get me over the moving ledges with the spikes in the middle! I only ever had two cartridges, STH, and a multigame cartridge, which had Shin obi, streets of rage (an oldskooler which I loved the music for), and another which was about medieval/dragons and stuff. I played STH addictively for years.


Intro To Mizelf

Well, the first blog ill need to keep!!

So, my first post will be an introductory one.
I will start with the normal stuff people would be used to reading/seeing for an introduction.
I am 5ft7”, medium length straightened hair, mixed Caribbean/white English, brown eyes. I am regularly mistaken for being Spanish and was once spoken to in Spanish by someone who thought so much so they would try and ask me if I was Spanish in Spanish. But yes I’ve noticed people can’t really tell off the bat what my ‘heritage’ is.

See I’m already babbling about weirdness. And so begins the next introduction.
I’m happily, let’s say bonkers. When I say bonkers I mean not so normal/regular in the brains (that is, normal as society is SUPPOSED to see normal as being). and people that meet me will eventually see that. Also people I know and have known remind me time and time over anyways. Even mum. Coincidently, mother is happily bonkers too (I mean this in a good way). She works in mental health, and she thinks it takes some sort of impact! I may not look it all the time (you’ll read why later) but I’m a happy person. The reason I look like I’m miles away a lot is
because I am. I cannot switch off, I don’t want to and don’t plan to. I am constantly imagining some scenario or another, some event, some creation, some being, beast, thing, building. I will try and mentally tear apart the simplest thing to analyze and try to figure out why what part of it is what, why it looks like that, what looked like in the past, what meaning it has. I will drift off into a daydream trying to figure stuff out, and having further blasts of imagination go off. Rarely do I get answers, and so the thought ponders or disappears until somehow it is raised again for further Cherrelley Scepticism. My imagination is wild, and I hope that my Games Art course will help me achieve my goal of being able to communicate whats inside my head to others, to the wonderful, functional, and colourful, and far out degree that it is inside my head.

i sometimes wonder if I have any sort of condition such as synaesthesia, or dyslexia? I got about 60% on a Synesthesia test, but I can see time lines, but not to exact dates and times. It’s like a roll of film projected at the back of my head, but I can see it, like anyone with a strong imagination can imagine things. I also associate music with imagery, (Many people probably do this, I don’t know) for instance, when listening to a piece, it is intensified by a certain scene or picture. With everyone it will be different, but I’ll give you an example. Tekken2, Jacks Arade Music. Jacks BG is an oil refinery. One of the most beautiful sights (for me) in the evening, when the sky is lilac, the horizon peach, and the absolute strangeness of the random pipes, structures, lights. The Tekken musicians made a PEREFCT job of that, for me. ALSO TEKKEN 4 and the airport BG. The scenery and music for me go together absolutely perfectly. I must note now I think the soundtrack from tekken 2 to 4 have the most awesome soundtracks ever on a game so far that I have played.

I don’t want to go on and on in my first post, so I will leave you with some of my fave game soundtracks, and game music inspired tracks from the youtube, starting with my favourite track of all time, game or no game, I don’t care if its 90’s synth or whatever it is. I’ll be posting favourite songs here over time anyway, but to celebrate the start of my games art degree, id better use some stuff to do with games! (Im plonking non game music in now anyway)


1st fave ever

2nd fave ever ever

and so on...


(I love vocals like this/choir/chanty stuff, but not all of it)
(this makes me wish I was a 90's Teen, RAVERS NATURE!!!)

Ill post more as time goes by...