Speedpaints - 'Troll', 'Spaceship'


Franketta the imp was very unplanned and i believe it shows, it took almost 2 hours, I think i was grinding away at it and getting no where so i decided to focus on the skin tones.

SPaceship took an hour and id like to make more of it! :D i think i need help with the composition, i tried to place it in the natural centre of teh image, i read a long time ago that instead of staying centre in an image your eye naturaly drifts right and upward.

Weekly tasks on there way :)


Music: Blackout by Hybrid

Well just another one of those... i find it beautiful, and ill only post songs i adore.



ive realized so much today, and before, someone, such a nice person, said something, that made me feel angry. I really feel it will be time soon for me to blog about my realisations and what I am thinking about. Im not going to fear what people think of what I am thinking anymore. its time to let go of all fear, or you will never progress.


Merry Christmas, Happy new year too! and SPYRO!!


Thought Id have a little xmas blog.

Im looking forward to resting before uni starts again, but im just as keen to get back into it aswel. Im also glad that we get more time at uni than i first thought. Woppeee!!

I plan to complete my blogs between now and new year, so i can totaly chill out and melt into a pile of relaxedness before uni starts, and I WILL do each blog by week as a new years resoultion lawl.

SSoooooooooooo.. Christmas... Whats it all about ey?? well, no one really knows anymore thanks to the TV. But im glad people ive spoken to do actualy know! Wahahaha!! feeling crazy at the mo. Yes its the 25th but the pork hasnt cooked yet and im lookin forward to watching wallace and grommit, and drinking lots of wine.

havent done much today, me and ma prefer new year to celebrate and eat lots of crappy tasty foods. Oh and more booze. and more. We are gonna get wreckeded.

Soo yaa.. oh crap what was i gunna say.... OH YEAAHH!!

Well, Im so willing to do a bit more 3d, and Ben's visit really did inspire me to do some 3D, but i feel bad i didnt stay the whole time due to my nose, and I really hope he comes back soon!! I realy enjoyed what I cought of it.

So yeah, you can make pretty much what you want with 3D then, apart from an edible xmas pud, So ive decided to marry my love of the original Spyro the dragon series with my will to do more 3d, and ive decided to develop my own super duper mini level, like tiny, because I obviously cant handle anythin too big at the moment. Ahh im all excited. For me it was just figuring out WHAT to do on max. So yeah, this should get me started, and this is what gave me the idea - Gamasutra - Spyro Colour Theory

Gud ol gamasutra, i should visit more often, but i cant find the search box :S I want more spyro stuf to look at!!

yeess.... since insomniac stopped making spyro, it isnt the same!! Why didnt you just keep it to cute little home worlds with portals to beautifuly colourful lands.

Just because new consoles have more capacity for more 'world', doesnt mean you should just make a storyline and go through one world. YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE HOMEWORLDS AND MORE MINI WORLDS!!!! GAWWD!! (sorry thats just how i feel, and probably many other ps1 spyro obssessed peoples)

And spyro:dawn of the dragon is SO like lord of the rings ITS ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS. Im almost half way through, and as pretty as the game is, I'm bored. yes bored. Not 25/100 into the game, and a lord of the rings style orc army is coming at you with the same towers full of enemies and same battering rams, to some beautiful little citty that doesnt deserve it. Infact thinking about it now, you totaly messed up what spyro games were. why?? why the hell, did you make it lord of the rings, with dragons?? WHY????? THERES EVEN A BLUDDY ROCK MONSTER MADE OF FIRE!! excuse my french, but im really dissapointed. this is the only other spyro ive played since ps1 titles, and im not happy. I knew I shudve just bought the ps2 titles instead, but i hear they are bad.

And to make it worse, elijah woods does the voice of spyro.

Its just not fair.

So yeh, mini spyro world here we gooo!!

Oh food is ready, toodles!!


Ufo's and lack of colds...

So, wednesday mornings, I wake up at 7:30, when mons and tues it is 6:00.

First of all, time MUST be relative, because whenever I wake up at 6, im faffing about and before I know it its time to leave the house at 7. However, when i wake up at 7:30, time goes as slowly as it can, and I find myself able to have a decent breakfast AND browse the nets for 15mins. INSANE.

An hour being less than an hour or more than an hour. Theres another thing, I used to think it took 20mins to get to coventry bus station, whilst walking fast, and taking the same route as I have done for about 7 years now. But one morning I took this little theorie and put it to the test. 'Right, im late leaving teh house I need to get to the bus stop pronto'. and W T F I got there in 10mins. Effing Weird. HOwever, im not nuts, because times been proven to be relative anyway. (If what ive said here has nothing to do with time being relative then... well.... yeah)

Anyhoo, this morning was a strange one, I was feeling rather strange. typical brain shift gear problems, I just wasnt on the ball.

So, I get on the bus and go to the top floor. Hour bus journey from ol' cov, and I didnt sleep this time. Anyway, almost at leicester, and I look to the left, only to see 3 spinning coloured balls FLOATZING in mid air. Yes, they were floating. I looked for their shadow and NOTHING was holding them up. I stared and stared wondering WTF 3 coloured balls were doing in a green field.

So i get a little worried, and happy that perhaps other life forms are visiting us still. (You cant deny that out of the whole universe that other life doesnt exist)

I get into uni still shocked, and google bird scarers on my phone, not quite believeing what i saw. And THIS is what I found.

Now you tell me that if you saw that and couldnt see what was holding it up that you wouldnt be scared..... these things were quite a distance away and i couldnt make out the eyes or teh holographic bit. It looked like a row of those treated beads.

These things dont just scare birds. Oh no. They are freaky in their own right.

Anyway, My means tested way of not catching a cold.

Go to asda, buy super hot peri peri sauce and dowse everything you eat with it. its NIIIICE!!
As soon as you feel that throat tickle, buy a packet of soothers/halls/the other make and eat them one after the other. Gone.


Game Technology

The ergonomics of consoles and their inputs!

The first console, the 'brown box', was quite literaly, a box that was brown.
Since then, consoles stayed boxy until 1985 when the gameboy was released. Two corners and two rounded corners. And now in 2008 consoles are heavy but curvey, minus the wii. Despite the ps3's shinyness and the 360's waist, in order to play a game in comfort, you need to think about the controller. So yeah, forget the console thats not that important...

People (unfortunately) do actualy sit for hours on their consoles tapping and bashing away. Therefore it is only right that the console designer makes it a comfortable amount of hours.

As with the consoles, the joysticks were also very square. e.g, the atari 2600 joystick was so clunky and heavy it was hard to play with. Not only that, it lacked a pause button. No toilet for you.

They then released another square input which did have a pause button, but was awkward to play with and users would get hand strains often.

Sega started the round controllers, which inevitably fitted both hands more comfortably, yet were quite flat.

Today, we have the classic playstation controller, which is clearly so good its stayed since 1995. I personaly prefer the ps controller over other handheld inputs. The 360 controller is comfortable but for me too large. The first xbox controller for me, was just horrid!!

As for the future of game inputs, as they say, the future is now! No, really, the wii contrillers get people off their butts and gets them to excersise a little. I really like the wii's way, but i dont own one and whenever i try to play i find it strange and difficult.

Now however, a brain controlled, yes, brain controlled input is close to going into production. I think it may already be. Its expected retail price is like £150.. so goes to show that technology is not only far these days but is getting cheaper.

They didnt really have the means to create rounded things cheaply in the 60's, so you cant really blame them for their boxy ways.

However, i dont think ergonomics will ever go to far, as for the sake of the person who pays for your games, they need to play comfortably!!


Facebook is poop for pics

Seeing as facebook destroys 99% of picture quality im uploading my latest here.