Final Character, and more talons!!!

My final character for mi interesting character design.

And a B/W talon thing because i muchly like this B/W painitng stuff (cos i am still not keen using colour xDD)

I need to do more 3d :(



I realised today i 'stopped' doing stuff i enjoy doing... and painting...i miss my silly creatures and stuff... So now ive found myself again i hope to perk up a bit. also kudos to the daily game art blog, i want to contribute as much as i can, cos ive been in a swirl of omg im bored lately... i need to do much more and these lil paints today have re confirmed i can do it :)

Ive always loved watching my own progress, but i 'stopped' and tbh i dont know why.

Taken my sweet time to start again i suppose (woo suns out!!) Lookin forward to Rachels party later, and to the rest of the group project.

Atm im concepting and will be working with blair as 'art directors'. im assuming this is basicly keping the style consistent, colour testing/picking etc...

Im trying to gear up my environment practises in order to pull off some decent concepts. I hae started them yet they look pants and i refuse to show anyone till they are slightly presentable. They are 'paint overs' of whiebox renders, and this technique is pretty cool... i must use it in future, planning senes in 3d then going over them.

uhh yh so away from that like i said ive kinda rediscovered what i like doing... and i wish to refine.

Heres my contribution to the daily DMU blog so far...