Game Music

They say everything is made of sinewaves.. or sound frequencies, and this has been prooven over and over. Therefore sound is all around us and an essential part of life!

So, what happens when music and sound is used alongside anything? For me, sound enhances ANY experience. Things become bigger and more enjoyable... I can feel more is theres a bluddy' good tune or noise in the background.

I match up my music to scenes as I walk along or sit on the bus. and it just makes everything special in another way. there is always noise.

My favourite soundtracks for games have always been of the tekken series, zone of the enders, rock raiders, MGS, Streets of Rage and sonic 1. Even 16-bit music could do magic. I remember loving 16-bit music on other megadrive games. I recently bought Lego Rock Raiders ps1 game, just for the soundtrack.

Because sound is such a big part of life, I think that you really cant make anything epic without it. Even when looking at a photo I can imagine some sort of tune to go along with it. is that just me?

The way MGS would shriek at you if you were seen by an enemy, or the way the beautiful labyrinth music of sonic 1, would be rudely interupted with a 10 second countdown to drowning riff... those were moments that made you panic. and in your rush to save the day, you'd end up dying. Then in teh back of your head, you dont want to hear that noise EVER again, for you know poor sonic is going to drown!!

The beauty of the ZOE music, is the way it perfectly matches the futuristic scenery of the game. I've always loved japanese trance, and that game just made it better for me!

Even the sound of wind (through your hair) in shadow of the colossus, the galloping horse, the water, just those natural sounds, all make towards that slightly more realistic gaming experience.

Of course, as games get better, so will sound and effects. I havent been dissapointed yet!!

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Fieldscarecrow said...

You have a nice a passion for sound :)

I agree when things are combined with sound the emotional range can be amplified!

Good post