An Absolute *Gem* of youtube...

Im really amazed.

Would be so cool to play like this....


Fancy a kool song with a CREEPY video?? click away :D

now, theres no crawlies in this either, however the video is rather weird/creepy. Well I find it so...

Its this whole 'doll' thing. Any animated doll i find weird. I forget the term for a theory, that the more human-like a robot becomes the more a real human will not like it or feel unsettled with it, when the smarter an in-human like robot becomes the more you love it. Strange stuff. (Ive searched but cant find the correct term!)

here is the vid link, (cant embed)

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman

Loved this song. (when i was old enough to like music lol i first heard it when i was about 5 or 6....)


Creativity in my own words, is, 'The ability to come up with anything and make anything out of everything & visa versa, wether that one thing is totaly different from another, its still something new.'.

I wouldnt say that creativity exists just because somone needs to be creative. I believe creativity is infinate, as infinate as the universe. This to me means that anything can be thought of, it doesnt matter when or what it is. Looking at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creativity - it says that innovation can be distinguished from creativity, however, it must start with creativity.

I have many ideas all of the time, but non that would 'help' solve a problem in the current world. When I was younger I used to have an urge to make things randomly. I would then set out, find some cardboard, draw some nets, then stick it all together. Some of the things I made kept me entertained for a long time. I also used to solve issues by making solutions. I still do this now, and its frustrating when I dont have the materials i need to hand. So, say this problem popped up on a bigger stage. it would then become, a matter of time, (or if asked!) a task, for someone to find those materials, or, think of a solution if those materials did not exist. Everything starts with a thought, and to me all thoughts are 'creative'.

I believe that our thoughts manifest, ive proven this to myself many times (wether i have those materials or not!). For me this is proof that the mind / thoughts are infinate. Anything is possible!!

I have been dumbfounded by certain things Ive come across in the past. Even small things. E.G, I was never able to make cool things out of a wide variety of lego bricks, however, everybody else I knew could, and would make awsome spaceships. Im sure that was my lack of creativity with lego bricks!

Even then, new things and great things are popping up all the time. Im always coming across something that bewilders me. that something is always the result of someones creativity.

creativity in the games world is just as infinate as it is in the normal world. The team does the creativity. the whole team. As well as concious creativity there must be sub concious creativness too. E.G, Many games (if not all?) have a set brief. Even if you meet the brief once everything is put together, theres no saying that (for example), the same brief was met yet looks totaly different somehwere else. You can use 5000 tri's per boss but the boss didnt have to look like that, and looks diferent elsewhere, yet meets the same specs.

Ive not heard of two ideas ever being exactly the same. And im sure that no one imagines the same line of a story in the exact way. That is our mind creating that vision based on what youve already seen, or what you can imagine. and no one is the same.

I believe a game manifests creativity by just being itself. I doubt every person who plays will go the same way about a problem, unless you are told what to do. Then it wouldnt be fun!

As for governments supporting it, I dont think this is true to the extent many would wish. We already know that kids are told what this is and what that is, and are encouraged to be left brained. If that system changed just imagine how much more ones creative mind could manifest itself. Even if one is largley right brained, they arent even allowed to own what they make unless they pay for it via left brained means.

I would expect other people to acknowledge my own creativity, however they want. that becomes their own creative way of interpreting anything, whatever it is. I wouldnt expect someone to decypher ideas and be logical about it. But someone might do that too. Everyone is different and so creativity is different in everyone, and infinate.


Classic E.G of the S*** music on the waves these days.

Come on, what the f**k is this?????

(and notice how he is too stupid to realise his glass is quite full.)

Now dont get me wrong, I love virtualy every genre of music, but this is just a joke.
Just to proove I'm into the same scope... this next vid is probably my favourite tune of ALL TIME.


I also love the video..... Im not keen on the lyrics of any of these songs (hence instrumental vers), but the beat is just.... yummy.................


The Forest Faerie is finished! (No wiggly bugs in this post)

I started this a while ago as part of the organic project.
I worked backward again, starting with the faerie and some of you have probably seen the half finished version.
Im finished now, as you can see! I enjoyed making teh wings, but my lack of understanding of light shows again! More pwactise makes pewfects.
Im also going to send this to blitz in order to try and get a space on their open day this year.

Due to this 'Orphan Bill' stuff going around, im taking precautions from now on. As far as I know Creative Commons is a free work license site. If you dont know about them, Take a look!

And just incase Ill be putting this license on anything I do which I put on the net.

Creative Commons License
Forest Faerie by Cherrelle B Dalton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


Kool Buggy thing (NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!)

I think insects are very alien, however I hear over and over that all life on earth didnt originate here and was brought here.

Non the less, this is one of the coolest lookin' bugs ive ever seen.... perfect ref for a creature of some sort....


Story & Character

My favourite character currently, has to be motoko from ghost in the shell.
I watched ghost in the shell for the first time when i was 14 or so. Since then I always wanted to watch it over. The film deals with 'the singularity' when computers merge with conciousness, essentialy. Motoko, doubts her own existance and wether or not she really did used to be human. As cyborg as she is, she hides what she really feels, yet you can tell she is hiding it, even though the animators do a wonderful job of letting you know who is cyborg and who isnt.
Now since ive seen the series, the same applies. Motoko is a great major who noticably hides her past. its also evident that she thinks and awful lot.
I know its an anime, but ghost in the shell isnt an average anime, the movies especialy. Id call the movies animated films. But even so, Motoko has remained my 'cartoon idol' for a very long time.
I remember the days of sonic well. All he had to do was defeat mr robotnik, with his pals, and they had slight backstory, and that was it. You could never become attached to sonic, it was just fun running around collecting shiney things.
Spyro was a cute dragon who darted around beautiful worlds saving his dragon friends and what not. But that was it, people loved spyro because he was a dragon, and he was purple... The storylines didnt matter too much to me though they were suitable at that age!! but at 20 things are different...
Thinking about it now, its the story I dont like with the latest spyro, probably because the first games I got attached to most. However...
Ghost in the shell movies, and the series, use increadibly deep scripts. They just arent suitable for anyone under 16 i'd say, you just wouldnt understand it. Unless you were a very smart 16 year old. Same for akira, another film I love. The script is intense, and I was told its only a small chunk of the whole story. Non the less, the film carries a scary yet hopeful message, that energy is one and evrything is energy, and what if something small unlocked the energy of the universe. Thats how i understand it so far, but I probably understand it in a wonky way. I will read the manga though one day, the full one!
When it comes to acting in games, sometimes the animators can make a lovely job of it, yet when it comes to actualy playing, you feel as if the character has just been ripped of their body language because you now need to jump about swishing swords around. 'Heavy Rain', soon to be released, looks as if its characters acting flows the wole way through the game, because of the gameplay. But miss that button, and you will witness your character getting stabbed to death. Lovely isnt it. (thats the impression the trailer gave me)
As for what I find irresistable? any story that concerns other realities, conciousness, mysticism based on real history, dreams, timetravel, the future, i find irresistable. However for me it needs to be based on our own history on planet earth.
I am NOT however interested in fake wars, killing, stupid gang wars, fake stuff, and fake magic stuff. E.G, final fantasy has some great storylines, i like them, but thats all. Im interested in fact over fiction, even if fiction is pretty sometimes, the fact will get my attention. Plus I adore the design of FF games more than any other aspect!!

Church Of Drum N Bass

The vid says it all XDD


Game Design

The way a player interacts and 'gains' from a game is my interpretation of gameplay. The 'gameplay' you want to achieve, would have to be set before you begin the proccess of the games design. This would apply to all games, console games, board games etc. I do have trouble with the word gameplay though!

When playing through a game the whole proccess of what you are doing, what is happening and what you need to think about all contributes to the gameplay that was set for the game. Thus, Gameplay could be easy, difficult, quick, slow etc.

Sometimes however the gameplay can just be plain annoying.

All of these ideas for a game must be set in the beginning stages of development. You need to know what you are doing before you do it, as has been prooved many times over!! And these days, developers know what they are doing :D

For example, disasters like the E.T game and other titles, were bad for a reason. i read that E.T was purely rushed. So when you rush something you mess it up. I remmber reading a chinese proverb in a little zen book, it read 'Rushing gets you no where'. How right they were. i was shocked to hear that a good game takes 2 years to develop. But 2 years well worth it.

Someone starts with the idea for the game, and in most cases only a few people are given the task of deciding the key factors and what is to be in the game etc.

In the case of metal gear solid, all the team were given a sketchbook to sketch ideas for the game, and many of their ideas made it into MGS2.

I personaly hope to be part of a company who are open to their teams ideas for games, be it games or tid bits inside games!!

For me when I play, Any game I like keeps me playing for many reasons. My taste in games is rather varied, and I constantly contradict myself playing some types as they conflict with my views on life. E.G-

Socom2(strictly),Battlefield2:MC - I love these games so much, I am going to buy a 360 so i can play BF2 in HD. I have it on ps2, and just love it. Theres no gore, & no screaming when you kill an enemy(well I didnt notice). Its just so much fun helping your team win and capture them flags!! And many comedy moments. However, Socom 3 was a big mess and no one I know really liked it. With both games, the ps2 limits the size of the maps I suppose, but for socom, the humble little maps made it cute and fun to stalk someone and get your spongey headshot or whatever. Socom 3's gigantic maps just made it boring running around looking for someone. Same with BF:BC. Ive just bought this game and its nothing like bf2. Im hoping socom confrontation will be fun despite the map sizes.
Now, I just wish socom2 days came back. Bf2 also. Any war game i play today is too realistic. i dont wanna hear death screams. I dont agree with war, i dont agree with killing, I dont agree with violence, its BAD. War will get no one anywhere. And i realy annoy myself. But I cant figure out why these two war games I will always love.

Wipeout/zoneoftheenders/finalfantasy/spyro - All based in a world that could exisit/does exist on a different 'dimension'. love it, im well into that. Love robots and beautiful costume designs. Wipeout fusion was my favorite. Also, all are colourful and I love colourful stuff.

To round this up ill mention that ps3 games are failing to keep me interested at the moment. I think their gameplay is way too realistic. I am wishing games would stay fantasy, quirky, and allow for that comedy moment. I dont think games should be so realistic. I play games to have fun, not witness what would happen if I actualy killed someone. Thats why I HATE Gta.

I sometimes think that this sort of realism is allowed in order to corrupt the younger generations. Your not going to kill someone in real life because thats illegal, but yeah, games make it okay to try it? It makes me so sad to think about it, and angry. *extreem contradiction*

I really want an xbox! they got fluffy games!!!!