The Forest Faerie is finished! (No wiggly bugs in this post)

I started this a while ago as part of the organic project.
I worked backward again, starting with the faerie and some of you have probably seen the half finished version.
Im finished now, as you can see! I enjoyed making teh wings, but my lack of understanding of light shows again! More pwactise makes pewfects.
Im also going to send this to blitz in order to try and get a space on their open day this year.

Due to this 'Orphan Bill' stuff going around, im taking precautions from now on. As far as I know Creative Commons is a free work license site. If you dont know about them, Take a look!

And just incase Ill be putting this license on anything I do which I put on the net.

Creative Commons License
Forest Faerie by Cherrelle B Dalton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.


Zongyi Chen said...

Beautiful work! I love the shading on her skin and the wings!

Very shiny and pretty ^_^.

Aby Bagulay said...

shes beautiful, very attentive miss! ^^ thanks for no more bugs! good luck with blitz... good for you copyrighting ur work too...

DollyDalton said...

yeh reality hit me there are theifs on da loose! copyright urs too its free with creative commons! :)

Darktaylz said...

That is a really bueatiful piece of work. I really wish i could do something like that, but my laptop hates me and so does the internet...

Del "D-Y-D" said...

This is magical. The wings look so right!

I really love it. Nice way to break your comfort zone. I know you're usually painting animals :)

The bounce light on her bum is teh awsum

DollyDalton said...

lol thats one part of it im not sure about! i dotn know if i shud go over old work or try again applying different thingys. I really wanted her to not be normal coloured but i know id get my neck wrung. I wanted her to be pearly green n bluuu!!