Story & Character

My favourite character currently, has to be motoko from ghost in the shell.
I watched ghost in the shell for the first time when i was 14 or so. Since then I always wanted to watch it over. The film deals with 'the singularity' when computers merge with conciousness, essentialy. Motoko, doubts her own existance and wether or not she really did used to be human. As cyborg as she is, she hides what she really feels, yet you can tell she is hiding it, even though the animators do a wonderful job of letting you know who is cyborg and who isnt.
Now since ive seen the series, the same applies. Motoko is a great major who noticably hides her past. its also evident that she thinks and awful lot.
I know its an anime, but ghost in the shell isnt an average anime, the movies especialy. Id call the movies animated films. But even so, Motoko has remained my 'cartoon idol' for a very long time.
I remember the days of sonic well. All he had to do was defeat mr robotnik, with his pals, and they had slight backstory, and that was it. You could never become attached to sonic, it was just fun running around collecting shiney things.
Spyro was a cute dragon who darted around beautiful worlds saving his dragon friends and what not. But that was it, people loved spyro because he was a dragon, and he was purple... The storylines didnt matter too much to me though they were suitable at that age!! but at 20 things are different...
Thinking about it now, its the story I dont like with the latest spyro, probably because the first games I got attached to most. However...
Ghost in the shell movies, and the series, use increadibly deep scripts. They just arent suitable for anyone under 16 i'd say, you just wouldnt understand it. Unless you were a very smart 16 year old. Same for akira, another film I love. The script is intense, and I was told its only a small chunk of the whole story. Non the less, the film carries a scary yet hopeful message, that energy is one and evrything is energy, and what if something small unlocked the energy of the universe. Thats how i understand it so far, but I probably understand it in a wonky way. I will read the manga though one day, the full one!
When it comes to acting in games, sometimes the animators can make a lovely job of it, yet when it comes to actualy playing, you feel as if the character has just been ripped of their body language because you now need to jump about swishing swords around. 'Heavy Rain', soon to be released, looks as if its characters acting flows the wole way through the game, because of the gameplay. But miss that button, and you will witness your character getting stabbed to death. Lovely isnt it. (thats the impression the trailer gave me)
As for what I find irresistable? any story that concerns other realities, conciousness, mysticism based on real history, dreams, timetravel, the future, i find irresistable. However for me it needs to be based on our own history on planet earth.
I am NOT however interested in fake wars, killing, stupid gang wars, fake stuff, and fake magic stuff. E.G, final fantasy has some great storylines, i like them, but thats all. Im interested in fact over fiction, even if fiction is pretty sometimes, the fact will get my attention. Plus I adore the design of FF games more than any other aspect!!


Blair said...

Speaking of GitS and Akira, have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? It has similar psychological themes and a science fiction/post apocalyptic setting, I recommend it! The Major is so cool though..

DollyDalton said...

i keep meaning to try it and i watched 'a' first episode once, assuming there is more than on series :o the one where a pilot was picked in emergency when someone else couldnt pilot the thingy... infact ill download it and watch it anyway i know alot of people who are fond of it yet i still havent seen it hehe! yeh its not like me to have a 'fave' character, i hadnt any until GITS hehe!! i wouldve mentioned jehuty but thats a robot.... teehee

Blair said...

Yep, that's the one! There's a 26-ep TV series and a couple of movies which follow on from that. Gets highly addictive after a few episodes too 8D