Creativity in my own words, is, 'The ability to come up with anything and make anything out of everything & visa versa, wether that one thing is totaly different from another, its still something new.'.

I wouldnt say that creativity exists just because somone needs to be creative. I believe creativity is infinate, as infinate as the universe. This to me means that anything can be thought of, it doesnt matter when or what it is. Looking at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creativity - it says that innovation can be distinguished from creativity, however, it must start with creativity.

I have many ideas all of the time, but non that would 'help' solve a problem in the current world. When I was younger I used to have an urge to make things randomly. I would then set out, find some cardboard, draw some nets, then stick it all together. Some of the things I made kept me entertained for a long time. I also used to solve issues by making solutions. I still do this now, and its frustrating when I dont have the materials i need to hand. So, say this problem popped up on a bigger stage. it would then become, a matter of time, (or if asked!) a task, for someone to find those materials, or, think of a solution if those materials did not exist. Everything starts with a thought, and to me all thoughts are 'creative'.

I believe that our thoughts manifest, ive proven this to myself many times (wether i have those materials or not!). For me this is proof that the mind / thoughts are infinate. Anything is possible!!

I have been dumbfounded by certain things Ive come across in the past. Even small things. E.G, I was never able to make cool things out of a wide variety of lego bricks, however, everybody else I knew could, and would make awsome spaceships. Im sure that was my lack of creativity with lego bricks!

Even then, new things and great things are popping up all the time. Im always coming across something that bewilders me. that something is always the result of someones creativity.

creativity in the games world is just as infinate as it is in the normal world. The team does the creativity. the whole team. As well as concious creativity there must be sub concious creativness too. E.G, Many games (if not all?) have a set brief. Even if you meet the brief once everything is put together, theres no saying that (for example), the same brief was met yet looks totaly different somehwere else. You can use 5000 tri's per boss but the boss didnt have to look like that, and looks diferent elsewhere, yet meets the same specs.

Ive not heard of two ideas ever being exactly the same. And im sure that no one imagines the same line of a story in the exact way. That is our mind creating that vision based on what youve already seen, or what you can imagine. and no one is the same.

I believe a game manifests creativity by just being itself. I doubt every person who plays will go the same way about a problem, unless you are told what to do. Then it wouldnt be fun!

As for governments supporting it, I dont think this is true to the extent many would wish. We already know that kids are told what this is and what that is, and are encouraged to be left brained. If that system changed just imagine how much more ones creative mind could manifest itself. Even if one is largley right brained, they arent even allowed to own what they make unless they pay for it via left brained means.

I would expect other people to acknowledge my own creativity, however they want. that becomes their own creative way of interpreting anything, whatever it is. I wouldnt expect someone to decypher ideas and be logical about it. But someone might do that too. Everyone is different and so creativity is different in everyone, and infinate.

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