Fancy a kool song with a CREEPY video?? click away :D

now, theres no crawlies in this either, however the video is rather weird/creepy. Well I find it so...

Its this whole 'doll' thing. Any animated doll i find weird. I forget the term for a theory, that the more human-like a robot becomes the more a real human will not like it or feel unsettled with it, when the smarter an in-human like robot becomes the more you love it. Strange stuff. (Ive searched but cant find the correct term!)

here is the vid link, (cant embed)

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman

Loved this song. (when i was old enough to like music lol i first heard it when i was about 5 or 6....)


Blair said...

Oh, this song is awesome, 90s = ♥

Darktaylz said...

I hated it then and i still hate it now.

Del "D-Y-D" said...

la da dee - la da dow - la da dee - la da dow