Cos Bullz are AWSOME.


Well, these are dedicated to my mum. Facebook really really sucks beyind belife, and if ive lost the comments on those photo's, F it.

Mum is a Taurean, and was also born in teh year of the Ox. She works very hard, and is a real super mum. All my pics of burden animals i dedicate to her!!

All speedpaints taking no more than 10mins each. Painter artist oils default brush :)

I was inspired to do these by a book about bullfighting. I bought it for teh photography, but they make out the animals are pure evil, and that they look at eachother ready to kill eachother, which is absolute BUll in itself, as these animals are gorgeous and friendly. My uncle in ireland has a back yard that connects to a farmers field, that of which commonly has cows, and sometimes a bull. When i was 11 i think, i stood on teh gate and the bull approached me. he was lovely, he wasnt aggresive, nothing. He let me scratch his face and neck and he really didnt mind. also (hopefully if fb has saved my comments) i mentioned a video on teh internet of a pair of spectators seeing to the bull sin their pens, and just how much they loved a good ear scratch.

And ive always said, every animal loves a scratch behind the ears. considering it know what one is.

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Blair said...

Just awesome, love the horns on the last one