A likkle update

Ive been very absent, so i thought id update this here blog that i have neglected :(

Im working on my environment summer project, i chose the power plant. so far ive been doing concept work, (yes, 2D *slap*) and bashing photoshop into submission (well, doodling ike a bee-hotch getting things to look how i want them too) im still baffled as to how to 'design' a level, as that is what i want to do. my current vision is 'destroyed/old industrial times infinity oil rig slash gas station.' im starting to panic a bit about 3d work, i finaly found someone who owns an old transit so im going to do that again, a tree or 3, and im going to texture that rocking horse.

one needs ro get ones arse in gear. one also is looking for a job...

also, for my assesments i was reminded i need to tighten up my blog task entries, so they are in the making, and im sorry i havent uploaded them sooner. and i cant believe i was so confused as to what a game engine actualy 'is'. i always thought it was an undercover ninja cop part of the game that nobody ever sees.....#

ill upload what ive been upto in sections so you now where i am with it. im tempted to do the sweet shop and the antiques shop too. may take a fancy twist with that one, because a recent dream i had was in an only worn down warehouse with victorian toys and antiques in it. may just model that.

im also going to post about my experience at chris's gifted and talented week, where he invited me and cameron to help him out, as i have been thinking about teaching. for now all i can say is it looks like hard effing work. but it was fun.

im also going to post, chapter by chapter (dont let that put you off) what i think of this world and whats going on in it. (and no, dont expect some sort of f the world rant! im rather opposite) i got some pretty deep thoughts, but i always keep an open mind, and i, like many, am open to new ideas and always both sides of the story. im going to go into all sorts, including my theories on where humans actualy came from, and why i think birds have so much range in plumage!!!!

(p.s, no damn missing link is going to fool me. if its a lemur like skeleton, then duh, are lemuirs not the missing link? i dont believe in darwin, any of it to be honest. you cant proove that a monkey became a man, really, i never bought it from the age of 10ish...)

till next tiiime :)


Michael Powell said...

actually, Darwin didn't say men were descended from monkeys... he said that at some point in the distant past men and monkeys share a common ancestor that split into several different species.

naughty, cherelle - read it before you criticize it!

Anonymous said...

yeah but thats still a link to a monkey, how does a single animal split into 7 species? i saw 2 seperate videos, of 3 'speciaists' between the vids, all 3 of these people said, in their lecture time, 'there is plenty of proof for evolution' and 'there is no proof of evolution whatsoever'. thats fishy to me! ive been looking for the videos for ages but when i find them ill show you. there is another vid you should see about our chromosones and ape chromosones may have been meddled to birth humans. will show you it soon. and i remember you saying once mike about the historic paintings of spacemen hehe - Cherrelle (didnt og in)