Mortal Engines Chudleigh Pomroy and a little songy!

I started reading (at snail pace) Mortal Engines a week ago, and ive decided to paint each character as i see them as i go through the book. The first I decided to draw is Pomroy!

I now have a super cool scanner which i scanned the inital sketch and decided to paint over the top. here are the results!

Please critique much apprciated.

My personal judgment:- Its not realistic enough but i look forward to developing that. Im not sure if i an see a style emerging. His hand was gloved because i went about painting it in a sectiony type of way and ended up getting his hands the wrong colours. so i thought hey it could be a digital library glove.... from the future... I cant wait to start drawing drapery in Chris's lessons because i really need it. Im going to go to the market and buy some cheap material so i can start now!
I really need to stock up on real resources!!

and i need to do backgrounds need need need need.

If possible please critique on facebook because its easier to get too! (as this blog i keep forgetting my password and it gets tedious lolz)

I uploaded here so you may see the full size version.

And heres my current favourite songs:-

(Thanks 2 Mike thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Blair said...

I love this! Ahh don't change your awesome style, much more interesting and fun than photorealism any day, imo. Doing drawings of the characters as you read about them is a good idea, looking forward to your sketches of the rest of the cast..!