Katherine Valentine

My first Katherine Valentine pic.

This is really a foundation, i have decided, because i have not really concepted her, this is my version of her, rawly from my mind. despite that she isnt exactly how i see her, i know concepting will help me portray that better. I plan to concept teh characters or a few of them as the year goes along, and hopefully id like to have them all done before christmas.

As for the pic, i feel she might look a bit too mature, you? i know since ages ago, humans look older for their age THESE days, so who knows what it could be like in THOSE days....? (well no excuses really lol)

(also her hand is out there as the plan was to draw dog next to her and she would have it rested behind his ears. i dont think i will do that now as id like to develop her further.)

I have an annoyiing habit of being to detailed to soon, and id love to kick the habit. I keep painting everything 'up' im sections. When i start concepting i hope to start braking the habit lol and be able to bring teh paintint literaly from the canvas all the way to the final details... without being so sectiony.

I would upload my scene concepts only they are on another machine!! (Doh!)

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Katie said...

wow thats awesome :D its alomost how i would hav imagined her