Merry Christmas, Happy new year too! and SPYRO!!


Thought Id have a little xmas blog.

Im looking forward to resting before uni starts again, but im just as keen to get back into it aswel. Im also glad that we get more time at uni than i first thought. Woppeee!!

I plan to complete my blogs between now and new year, so i can totaly chill out and melt into a pile of relaxedness before uni starts, and I WILL do each blog by week as a new years resoultion lawl.

SSoooooooooooo.. Christmas... Whats it all about ey?? well, no one really knows anymore thanks to the TV. But im glad people ive spoken to do actualy know! Wahahaha!! feeling crazy at the mo. Yes its the 25th but the pork hasnt cooked yet and im lookin forward to watching wallace and grommit, and drinking lots of wine.

havent done much today, me and ma prefer new year to celebrate and eat lots of crappy tasty foods. Oh and more booze. and more. We are gonna get wreckeded.

Soo yaa.. oh crap what was i gunna say.... OH YEAAHH!!

Well, Im so willing to do a bit more 3d, and Ben's visit really did inspire me to do some 3D, but i feel bad i didnt stay the whole time due to my nose, and I really hope he comes back soon!! I realy enjoyed what I cought of it.

So yeah, you can make pretty much what you want with 3D then, apart from an edible xmas pud, So ive decided to marry my love of the original Spyro the dragon series with my will to do more 3d, and ive decided to develop my own super duper mini level, like tiny, because I obviously cant handle anythin too big at the moment. Ahh im all excited. For me it was just figuring out WHAT to do on max. So yeah, this should get me started, and this is what gave me the idea - Gamasutra - Spyro Colour Theory

Gud ol gamasutra, i should visit more often, but i cant find the search box :S I want more spyro stuf to look at!!

yeess.... since insomniac stopped making spyro, it isnt the same!! Why didnt you just keep it to cute little home worlds with portals to beautifuly colourful lands.

Just because new consoles have more capacity for more 'world', doesnt mean you should just make a storyline and go through one world. YOU SHOULD MAKE MORE HOMEWORLDS AND MORE MINI WORLDS!!!! GAWWD!! (sorry thats just how i feel, and probably many other ps1 spyro obssessed peoples)

And spyro:dawn of the dragon is SO like lord of the rings ITS ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS. Im almost half way through, and as pretty as the game is, I'm bored. yes bored. Not 25/100 into the game, and a lord of the rings style orc army is coming at you with the same towers full of enemies and same battering rams, to some beautiful little citty that doesnt deserve it. Infact thinking about it now, you totaly messed up what spyro games were. why?? why the hell, did you make it lord of the rings, with dragons?? WHY????? THERES EVEN A BLUDDY ROCK MONSTER MADE OF FIRE!! excuse my french, but im really dissapointed. this is the only other spyro ive played since ps1 titles, and im not happy. I knew I shudve just bought the ps2 titles instead, but i hear they are bad.

And to make it worse, elijah woods does the voice of spyro.

Its just not fair.

So yeh, mini spyro world here we gooo!!

Oh food is ready, toodles!!

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Blair said...

Merry Christmas Cherelle!
As a LotR and Insomniac fan, the Spyro game sounds quite appealing even though I'm sure that wasn't your intention...Oh wait, they're made by someone else now, right? Its not the same! Also, the ps2 ones aren't good. I found the controls too different from the earlier games.
Can't wait to see what you make on Max!