Facebook is poop for pics

Seeing as facebook destroys 99% of picture quality im uploading my latest here.


Blair said...

You made the space center look so much nicer!

DollyDalton said...

lol thanks! :) I prefere its rear side to the bubbly side.... god i love industryishie design XDDD

Blair said...

Heh, I didn't much like the bubbly side either. Also I love your new creature, the face is like a horse but its body structure is kind of like a bull..?

DollyDalton said...

Ya, skeletal structure based on a bull. I still need to finalize my orthographic drawings, and I need to do more work on the head lol hehe im still really unsure about what the head will look like

Zongyi Chen said...

Love your work, Cherrelle! I love the creature at the top, it looks very energetic and powerful!

Del "D-Y-D" said...

i made post but blogger didn't post it. :(

basically to summarise-

• awesome bull/horse creature.
• awesome ability to suggest detail
• keep posting all your stuff on blogger cos facebook is retarded.
• look through the 2nd year blogs if your stuck on a blog task. cos we did them too and u can steal inspiration.