Ufo's and lack of colds...

So, wednesday mornings, I wake up at 7:30, when mons and tues it is 6:00.

First of all, time MUST be relative, because whenever I wake up at 6, im faffing about and before I know it its time to leave the house at 7. However, when i wake up at 7:30, time goes as slowly as it can, and I find myself able to have a decent breakfast AND browse the nets for 15mins. INSANE.

An hour being less than an hour or more than an hour. Theres another thing, I used to think it took 20mins to get to coventry bus station, whilst walking fast, and taking the same route as I have done for about 7 years now. But one morning I took this little theorie and put it to the test. 'Right, im late leaving teh house I need to get to the bus stop pronto'. and W T F I got there in 10mins. Effing Weird. HOwever, im not nuts, because times been proven to be relative anyway. (If what ive said here has nothing to do with time being relative then... well.... yeah)

Anyhoo, this morning was a strange one, I was feeling rather strange. typical brain shift gear problems, I just wasnt on the ball.

So, I get on the bus and go to the top floor. Hour bus journey from ol' cov, and I didnt sleep this time. Anyway, almost at leicester, and I look to the left, only to see 3 spinning coloured balls FLOATZING in mid air. Yes, they were floating. I looked for their shadow and NOTHING was holding them up. I stared and stared wondering WTF 3 coloured balls were doing in a green field.

So i get a little worried, and happy that perhaps other life forms are visiting us still. (You cant deny that out of the whole universe that other life doesnt exist)

I get into uni still shocked, and google bird scarers on my phone, not quite believeing what i saw. And THIS is what I found.

Now you tell me that if you saw that and couldnt see what was holding it up that you wouldnt be scared..... these things were quite a distance away and i couldnt make out the eyes or teh holographic bit. It looked like a row of those treated beads.

These things dont just scare birds. Oh no. They are freaky in their own right.

Anyway, My means tested way of not catching a cold.

Go to asda, buy super hot peri peri sauce and dowse everything you eat with it. its NIIIICE!!
As soon as you feel that throat tickle, buy a packet of soothers/halls/the other make and eat them one after the other. Gone.


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