2pt Perspective

My first final 2pt perspective for chris, seeing as hes given us another week im gunna develop another character and another scene.

MSN really smells at teh mo and i am so tired. bluddy 6am wake ups!!!! And upstairs loo's!! Daargh!!!


Im not sure if this angle demo's 2pt properly :S but I like our ol' Cathederal and find it the only interesting building in cov. I see the copper sculpture as cute lil' 'badge' for the building.

If youve never been to coventry cathederal, Here are its best bits:-

Tame squirrels come up to you for food (and healthy pigeons be nice to em they are really cute :)

Its enormous.

Inside it has such beautiful stained glass windows. I think they range from hues of red pane by pane thru the spectrum to blue and purple. But youcant take photo's. And they aint no typical christian fluffy farty posh art style (even though that is also pretty)
Example3 (Gorgeous e.g)

theres thi sstrange cyledrical building which you walk into, and my god, YOU WILL FEEL WEIRD.
theres this really strange and horrible 'vibe' in there. I dont like it and havent been in there since.

I think its the best looking building ever built for the time it was built.

the dude who carved the glass etchings into the glass died of glass inhalation.


cant think of anything else. Go there and if you do wear your DMU sweaters cos coventry's uni is directly opposite hehehehehe.

Now, I feel I must now state, I am a SPIRITUAL AGNOSTIC. I dont believe in everything about religeon, but I dont judge people either. I have always liked the Cathederal for its design and prettyness. Certain aspects of relegion I have strong views on, and I dont believe the bible / holy books is just a story. Ill leave it there lol

AYUS! :)

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