Art Direction

I once saw a mini documentary on a fairly new game, about a guy who is able to shapeshift his limbs, and roams around a very dark new york.

I dont remember what the game is called, nor if it has been released yet.

However, The intervieweees explained the the role of an Art Director was to make sure the style brief of a game is kept to. I had always wondered, If all artists have diffferent styles, how do they keep the game's art design consistent? Well, now i know!

Anyway, the art director, had produced the most amazing concepts for a dark smogy/sinister version of new york. His team had said his concepts were so vast it would be very difficult to produce the game to that scale, However, they did manage to create such a game.

Moving on, the general role of an art director is to take in the specs of a new game, and break down the work and tasks between his/her team. They also make sure that the games art is kept consistantly styled, so that nothing looks out of place in the finished product.

I dont think the role differs from films to games or anything else that would require an art director. As long as the set style for the product is maintained, the job role is the same.

In order to become an art dirctor in the future, you would have to develop awsome time managment, a keen eye for knowing when something starts straying, in order to save time, and a working way of keeping all the team members on track.

Personaly I wouldnt want to become an art director, as I just love drawing and bringing things to life. I wouldnt enjoy a role such as this. I wouldnt mind being told what to do, but I wouldnt like telling others what to do!!

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