Of all the games I have played, I cant think of one that hasnt had a story, Or, I have
forgotten the storyline.
There are games where you can just point and shoot for points, and games that give you a
reason for pointing and shooting.

Many miniature arcade titles dont have storylines, they just give you something to do. Id
call these time killers unless you are like well into it.

I think large titles need stories, or they wouldnt give you a reason to play. yes, I played
Spyro because I wanted to save all the little cute dragons. And once I had forfilled that
task, I get to go to a big mess about level with no meanies.

However, I wanted the game to continue. And easily bored knowing I cant do anything else for little Spyro. So I started a new save.

Of all the games ive played (dont laugh) I've only
ever completed:- Spyro 1/2, Tekken (the lot), DMC1, DMC2, ZOE1/2, MGS2/4. Oh and SSX


Spyro- I found the Spyro series funny and entising at that age. I loved it to death. I also
loved dragons to death. And spyro was such a colourful and beautiful game. I might go play
later, even the music is awsome. Each world had their own inhabitants with their own
problems. And on spyros journey to complete his task, he helped others.

tekken- Each character had a really cheesy storyline which I couldnt resist but discover. I
wanted to see how their storylines continued, and eventualy discovered that all they ever
want to do in every game is become king of the iron fist. Bah. But the fighting will always
be addictive.

DMC- i dont remember the storyline as much, but loved the visuals and the gameplay. The
story of the first 2 games did keep me going somewhat but i dont remember why.

ZOE, I LOVE MECHAS, and gud ol' Shinkawa's magical art direction and genius, to me, made
the most beautiful future based game ever ever. The storyline was dark and believeable.

MGS- Intricate some think rediculous, but I loved the storyline and the design. What is it
with me and Konami in particular??

SSX tricky..... Well, this game didnt really have a storyline. Each character had a bit of
background. That was it. the rest was just amazing. I will be getting a ps3 version of
whatever they come up with next.

Enough of that..

I did feel that as the player it was my duty to make sure the character gets their job
done, and always felt bad when they died. Yes, I did. I loved these games because I could
get attached to them. And i really did. Writing this now has made me realise what I like in
a game... And that I havent found any games for a while that Ive actualy been attached to!!


Del "D-Y-D" said...

nowadays its hard to find a game to get attached to, as they're all stupid FPS titles


(you surprised me with the ZOE titles)

DollyDalton said...

No its true, I'm actualy in love with zone of the enders. lol