Flower Fishies

Underwater world is simply amazing where everythings so flowy and pretty and only %2 is known about anything below see level :D (Apart from Holland.)

Now, I squeezed a few ideas outta the sponge and got this fishy. Once again, based on an orchid, and a koi fish. The point was to make it streamlined and pearly, because im obsessed with perelescence. I say Koi, as the Platinum has an amazingly sheeny body. However the build of my concept is rather reverse to a koi.

The first took 30mins, the second just under an hour.

i want to get quicker because I feel im not doing enough peices :S

Click teh thumbs for detailzes.



I promise week tasks soonies!!! :)


Del "D-Y-D" said...

awesomely done.
you've achieved the pearly lighting really well by having falloff rim lights on the edges of the creature, and I think its really brought both the pieces alive.

i'll be watching closely

Blair said...

How you shaded the highlights on the underside are really nice. Flower-fish, such a cool idea! Good work as usual!