Vegetable faeries and excitements


Just been drawing veggies and fruit people all morning trying to think up somthing for my organics project. This was much fun. heres the current results, more will ensue xD


I think this bloggie is the best bet for posting umm whats the word... the proccess of finals :S. So yah.. Ive probably already said this. Lol.
Emm... excitements, IM GOING TO TROPICAL BIRLAND WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I love birds, and some people know i want a birdy pet. So if i get some close encounters with parrots (alongside mum) we may be convinced.

Birds fascinate me. They just so colourful pretty and smart. And sweet. Bird brains is a compliment in my eyes *_*

I've two tasks to do so, before I post anything else ill do those. I have alot to post including some strange questions ive asked myself. (that arent particularly answerable).

Also once ive done all of chris's mini tuts I will post them at once.

Addiu :)


Blair said...

Ahh I love them! Especially the onion folks. They kind of remind me of Arthur Rackham faerie/woodland creature sketches. So cute.

Michael Powell said...

oh, just awesome cherelle - i love the chili faerie folk


DollyDalton said...

Respek' Mike :D

Thanks Blair, I havent heard of Arthur rackham, but after looking at his work I wondered have you heard of Brian Froud and Adam lee?

My mum has owned a book called faeries since i was tiny but its such a beautiful book. they also have one called giants. its one of the special books of the house lol but if you havent heard of them before go lookie youd love it :D

Blair said...

You're welcome! Arthur Rackham did some really cool illustrations for Alice in Wonderland too. I've seen Brian Froud's work I think! Similar sort of thing, really nice.

Oh wow both of those books sound very familiar, I think someone once brought them into a gcse art lesson and we all had a good look. There may be some Rackham in there, not sure!