Writing about games.

First of all, I would like to mention how rediculous I think the games press can be, in particular, two ranking programs ive seen, one earlier this morning.

To me, its not 'smart' or 'funny' to rank MGS in top spot for 'stupidest storyline' or 'most annoying character', possibly just because this game has always done so well?? seriously. It's clearly an awsome series and I can only think of immature reasons why they would do that. p.s I love MGS but im not a hardcore fan.

It appears that games magazines have little time to complete an issue, and within that time must keep up the promises made in the last mag, for what would be in the next one! So essentialy, reviews have little time to really appreciate, properly, a game they are reviewing, unless, the developer gives them enough info and buzz to possibly get them playing a bit harder.

Perhaps if they had more time, there would be less consistency in game ratings.
Ive always thought, dont listen to what anyone else says about it, go review it yourself. Not everyone has the same tastes, and even if you have some sort of training in how to rate a game (sheesh) your still not going to have the same taste. I dont think so anyway.

As with all press, the games press is lazy. And so developers would need to give them as much info as they can about their game in order for it to get played and reviewed well.

As for NGJ, Im not sure where I stand. Im indifferent about a lot of things, but I dont think NGJ is the best way to go for the wider audience, when it comes to reviewing a game.
These reviews are interesting to read, funny, sometimes silly, but they are only the players personal experience. Once again, this is really no help to someone else. its about them and how they felt about it, not how every potential player will feel about it. It might aswel be a short story.

To me, if you want to let others know what a game is like, tell them uniformley, so that everyone will understand, instead of making it into a story about you and the game.

For me its always been 'oo looks good ill try it', and Ive not been dissapointed with a game that I liked the look of just yet. Perhaps im playing for all the wrong reasons XD

So ill always say try it yourself! Theres enough trade-in schemes isnt there?? :D

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