Speedy Blaze Fielding (Streets Of Rage Gal')

So ive been listening to the soundtrack obsessively for a month now, and got the idea to make a vid of me drawing someone from SOR so that I can use the music XDD
So blaze was the lady of choice, cos shes just too kool', and here it is. I squeezed as many DOR track in as poss. This took well over an hour i dont think more than 2 though, because as you can see the anatomy is pretty bad, and im new to this technique of colouring and i enjoyed it.

Unfortunately i had a go at another speedy dragon, but like a twonk, shut down my PC and failed to save it. BUT ive come up with a cool bird/chicken/goose thing that ill draw next, and will also attempt this flippin dragon again.

But for now BRING ON Z WINEZ!!

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Fieldscarecrow said...

Another skilled 1st year!! that's really cool, it's all about the 2nd SOR ost! hehe