Intro To Mizelf

Well, the first blog ill need to keep!!

So, my first post will be an introductory one.
I will start with the normal stuff people would be used to reading/seeing for an introduction.
I am 5ft7”, medium length straightened hair, mixed Caribbean/white English, brown eyes. I am regularly mistaken for being Spanish and was once spoken to in Spanish by someone who thought so much so they would try and ask me if I was Spanish in Spanish. But yes I’ve noticed people can’t really tell off the bat what my ‘heritage’ is.

See I’m already babbling about weirdness. And so begins the next introduction.
I’m happily, let’s say bonkers. When I say bonkers I mean not so normal/regular in the brains (that is, normal as society is SUPPOSED to see normal as being). and people that meet me will eventually see that. Also people I know and have known remind me time and time over anyways. Even mum. Coincidently, mother is happily bonkers too (I mean this in a good way). She works in mental health, and she thinks it takes some sort of impact! I may not look it all the time (you’ll read why later) but I’m a happy person. The reason I look like I’m miles away a lot is
because I am. I cannot switch off, I don’t want to and don’t plan to. I am constantly imagining some scenario or another, some event, some creation, some being, beast, thing, building. I will try and mentally tear apart the simplest thing to analyze and try to figure out why what part of it is what, why it looks like that, what looked like in the past, what meaning it has. I will drift off into a daydream trying to figure stuff out, and having further blasts of imagination go off. Rarely do I get answers, and so the thought ponders or disappears until somehow it is raised again for further Cherrelley Scepticism. My imagination is wild, and I hope that my Games Art course will help me achieve my goal of being able to communicate whats inside my head to others, to the wonderful, functional, and colourful, and far out degree that it is inside my head.

i sometimes wonder if I have any sort of condition such as synaesthesia, or dyslexia? I got about 60% on a Synesthesia test, but I can see time lines, but not to exact dates and times. It’s like a roll of film projected at the back of my head, but I can see it, like anyone with a strong imagination can imagine things. I also associate music with imagery, (Many people probably do this, I don’t know) for instance, when listening to a piece, it is intensified by a certain scene or picture. With everyone it will be different, but I’ll give you an example. Tekken2, Jacks Arade Music. Jacks BG is an oil refinery. One of the most beautiful sights (for me) in the evening, when the sky is lilac, the horizon peach, and the absolute strangeness of the random pipes, structures, lights. The Tekken musicians made a PEREFCT job of that, for me. ALSO TEKKEN 4 and the airport BG. The scenery and music for me go together absolutely perfectly. I must note now I think the soundtrack from tekken 2 to 4 have the most awesome soundtracks ever on a game so far that I have played.

I don’t want to go on and on in my first post, so I will leave you with some of my fave game soundtracks, and game music inspired tracks from the youtube, starting with my favourite track of all time, game or no game, I don’t care if its 90’s synth or whatever it is. I’ll be posting favourite songs here over time anyway, but to celebrate the start of my games art degree, id better use some stuff to do with games! (Im plonking non game music in now anyway)


1st fave ever

2nd fave ever ever

and so on...


(I love vocals like this/choir/chanty stuff, but not all of it)
(this makes me wish I was a 90's Teen, RAVERS NATURE!!!)

Ill post more as time goes by...

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