Bradgate stag (Hope U like Deer Rear)

Went to bradgate park during week 2 of the course, took a few photos. I was worried my camera was going to get ruined by 'that fine rain' and i really really dont want to mes this camera up, its new and its effin great. Anyway, took a piccy of a grazing stag, it was a zoom in and i was shaky so the photo wasnt crisp or anything, but I decided to paint the deer in photoshop. Im trying to get used to corel painter as its a lovely program! Only I havent painted that much, so Id have a lot to learn anyway. here is my deer('s EDIT I was so pleased i did another.)

Photobucket Photobucket (REF FOR 2nd DEEERRR http://blog.islayinfo.com/images/articles/islay-nature-report-13-red-deer_1.jpg )

Took about an hour, im pretty darn pleased with it. I printed a crop of the deer and stuck it to my wall in front of me so i could try copy it. The printouts colour is very dark and so ive used my own 'lighter' colours here and there. (2nd deer took about hour 1/2 and was also pint n slapped on my wall)

I think the head should be a little longer, the antlers shorter, the bottom of back and front legs thinner, and more muscle tone at the front. Also a fluffyer neck. Il edit this post with the crop i used when i get round to it. (2nd deer has a way to go but im pleased with it too, it must be the tablet!!)

I am pleased with this, as ive always loved deer, and always found them difficult to draw. I suppose drawing horses all the time has kinda helped me when drawing this. Saying that, my horses are still not perfect, at all!!


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