Binbags and cardboard boxes????

One of the reasons I want to become an artist for games is because it is a job I would enjoy, if i was able to create my own imaginary creations in 3d space. Of course I would do this as hobby once i learn how to. But I think it was induction week I aswel as the rest of the class was told that we will only start out modeling boxes and binbags (or similar). I was a lil dissapointed, but hey we all start somehwere. My 1st job was in a callcentre for CO-OP, and I HATED IT!! But really, If i get stuck modeling stuff like that I wont be happy. The thought of it makes me want to work as hard as I can so that I wont be modeling boxes forever. I think it was chris or mike who said that, I cant remember right now im a little drunk. But they also said we wouldnt be modeling the likes of halo for a while. No offence bungie or whoever made halo, but as great as the levels are im not actualy impressed with the style of design of the buildings and such. even the aliens or whaever their called. Not that I dont like it, I suppose I just think it could be more natural. I do like the halo games by all means, but the art of the games dont strike me as amazoing. Im so keen to put my full into this course no matter what.

My uncle earns quite a lot, and was talking to me once about jobs and stuff. He said I get payed so and so much a day, and i dont work every day of the week, but its amazing pay. Then I said to him, do you ever get bored? And he said yes I do sometimes. Then I told him, I wouldnt care what my salary is, as long as im enjoying it.

My co-op job was so fucking boring I couldve blown the place up to stop them from boring others. I cant remember time i didnt think to myself, when im a games artist Ill be having a wail of a time. I really need to make the most of this, so that I can be in a job where I enjoy myself, and not have to type/calculate/talk about boring stuff xDDDDDDDDD ILL DRAW TILL MY FINGERS BLEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!

Ive been on the bus sometimes thinking about jobs that dont involve art and imagination and colour. And I had to write some stupid paragraph about 'business creativity', for a typing speed test. I was like What the hell is creative in business?? Deciding where your posters go?

BUT as ive never had any business education I decided not to debate it with myself. LOL.

Anyhoo, I hope Ill be able to do more than bins n boxes n rocksies XDD

Ta ra

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