Games These Days - 2000 Onwards....

I remember someone I know saying they never could've omagined games would 'get this good' when I had a playstation1. But hey, they did, and developers continue to push consoles to their limits.

Despite how much better games seem to be these days, they come with quite a price. The average high end game today costs around £10 - 20 million to develop. Thats quite a scary thought considering in the begining they would easily cost less than £2000.

the developers used to create the game themselves and then put it forward to publishers. These days, teams of dedicated people are involved with creating products for one of the biggest industries on the planet.

With the current technology however, almost anything is possible to create in a 3d world. Developers and publishers have different motivations too. Publishers, they just want to make money! Developers, are the people who have their hearts put into gamiing and creating something different and more exciting every time.

The industry being as dynamic as it is, means in order to 'survive' you need to be on your toes and adjustable to whatever new things it may throw at you. At that, the industry changes pretty quickly all the time. And with all new technologies coming out here and there, its a game developers job to make sure they can make the most of it at the time.

As a potential employee im pretty sure I understand this, and even though at this moment I dont understand new technologies and how to work with them, when I do I will make sure I can change with the wind.

As for my history up till now, I do miss my sega and playing ps1 spyro. I could play that now but it wouldnt be the same. Since spyro and tekken, I havent played many other games. However, my faveourite ps2 games were zone of the enders (with a passion), metal gear solid 2, and ssx tricky /3. I played socom on ps2 also, but only online. My first real online experience, and alot of fun. However it was ruined by socom 3, which took the fun out of it. Socom 3 just wasnt the same!! Since then I havent played much, then I bought my ps3, and now own GTA4, MGS4, and am patiently waiting for tekken6, and zone of the enders 3! And, for developers to push the ps3 to its limits! (hmm does it have any??)

A game id love to make (should technology allow) is one where players can sit back and dream. I dont know, some headset or another, allows them to fly around in a crazy place. I cant explain y concept too well, but ive got a general idea ;)

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