Game Art Love

Im reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally happy with this course. Im loving it. Its like PERFECT.

One of my 'crux' reasons for wnating to be a games artist was to be able to 'materialize' my imagination for others. After the convo with mike on wednesday I wasnt sure if my ideas could actualy become games, (dont worry even if so id have no intentions of leaving the course and not being able to become a games artist! its something ive always wanted!) Even if I couldnt, Id '3d ize' my ideas non the less!! But then we got to speak to two guys from Blitz, and I thought id better make the most of it and ask.

So, got to question time, I knew what I wanted to ask, and got increadibly nervous. I kept thinking if I ask it this way the subject of the lecture will cancel out the question and make me sound stupid. So my heart was pounding as I recited this question in my head over and over and I thought it would come out like babble like things normaly do, but no it came out okay. And so my heart kept pounding, its probably because I was scared evryone would shoot daggers at me. they didnt or they did and I didnt notice, ANYWAY they confirmed that as a company everyone gets to put forward ideas, so thats a start! and im very very happy about it. It just makes the whole thing just LOVEABLE!!!!!!!

I love this course because for me it just encourages creativity, its what I need, a kick! Also, everyone mentions having motivation, My only motivation so far has been my ma and my boyfriend, but ive always wanted to be a games artist so thats a bit of motivation, but now THIS COURSE IS MY MOTIVATION AND I WILL OVER HEAT IF I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that if i stay on top of things I will not need to get stressed out. I will also do even more doodlin n sketchin.

I refuse to let myself slip and would like to be pushed and pushed, I feel INCREADIBLY honoured and happy to be on this course and every last ounce of my energy will go into it.

This is it, getting annoyed with my secondary school being crap, boring art subjects (though our teacher was really nice), people messing about, not being able to draw all the time, then college, no games courses available, I then discover that 'multimedia' wouldve been the subject to take, carrying on with borin graphic design, once again no fun units but lovely tutors, and then suddenly 'games art degree' great links, not far away, lovely lecture team, instant acceptance, pure creativity, LETSSSSSSSSS ROOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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