Speedy face

This took an hour, probably hsouldnt have in this day and age. But anyway, I thought id do some face studies because im sure its useful. And im sure Ill eventualy find mi own style.


ref = http://www.photographersdirect.com/buyers/stockphoto.asp?imageid=263132

Doesnt look similar but its a start.
she went squished xD

im going to do more 'find a pic n draw it's' cos that was fun.

Must do sum drapery! We own no satin or silk or anythin draperish. unless i take kitchen net curtains down 0_o

Ive also bene inspired to do som oil paintin, aftr lookin through a dali book i discovered in the house.

So i think im gunna try do aload of pics and bulk upload them in the future. Its more to look at :D

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